Rabbit Hair

orange rabbit cat scarf sunlit

I’m not working on this Tilted Blocks scarf just now. That orange snake sweater keeps me busy. And I have a gold cat hat to work on start for Halloween. But I want to share the photo.  This scarf is so amazingly hairy! And very very very soft. If you squint, you might see some cat’s paws lace in there. I still need therapy knitting. And this is therapy yarn.  It won’t sit quietly for long.

Must make breakfast, take shower, go to soccer game.  Then errands.  Including finding gold fabric paint and checking for thicker cat-coloured (according to the kid) yarn.  Suddenly, it’s the last weekend before Halloween.  How did that happen?



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2 responses to “Rabbit Hair

  1. Kathryn

    Hope you found everything you needed—errands, errands.

    Cat tracks showing up well!

    I detect at least three strands in your knitting: the kid’s interests, humor, and comfort. The first two are closely entwined. The third is a steady presence (and mixes always with the luxurious).

  2. That most definitely looks like good comfort knitting — tactile and soft and beautiful. I hope it helps, and that you found everything you needed yesterday! (Today’s our day for the costume errands, sigh…)

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