Halloween Zoomed By

Halloween morning, I managed to whip together stuff for the front porch, and got it put up, all before leaving for school and work. On time even!

halloween ghosts

halloween spider

halloween art

We like fancy decorations. White kitchen string and twist ties add a certain elegant touch. (pictures from this morning, the day after)

It rained off and on Halloween day evening night, which is good because we’re in a drought. But not so many people out in the evening for trick-or-treat, and not so many houses with the porch light on. One lady had her light on, but she didn’t mean to hand out candy (doesn’t believe in Halloween). We wouldn’t have stopped, but she had the light on – seems to be an imperfectly understood unwritten guide. The kid and I went around the block, dodging raindrops, then back to the house to relieve papa from handing out handfuls of candy. A quiet Halloween evening. And we have way too much candy in the house.

He was a cat, of course. He decorated his shirt himself. The front has a vampire and a ghost and an alien and one or two other things I can’t identify. And it says CAT. In not so big letters. I’m very proud of him. Clearly handmade, not at all fancy, and the hard part done by him. And he chose the yarns for the hat.
halloween cat dance 4

Must hurry. The morning zoomed by, and now it’s time to get ready for a soccer game. Hasn’t been cancelled yet. Not raining just now anyway.

We’re going to a play this afternoon! The BFG at the Berkeley Playhouse.



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3 responses to “Halloween Zoomed By

  1. Good for him — excellent costume choice, and definitely something to be proud of. I’m envious of your rain — we could really use some down here. Soon, please, soon! (Enjoy the play 🙂 )

  2. Kathryn

    Great stripes! Excellent ears!

  3. Kathryn

    And the decorations! Love the spider. Scary ghosts. Cool bat and jack o’lantern.

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