Wonderful Wool

Saturday was a rainy day.  Soccer was cancelled after about 10 minutes of playing with half teams.  After 30 minutes of warming up.  In the rain.  The kids were soaked.  The parents were slightly less soaked.  My husband came unprepared, so borrowed my rain jacket.  I had on a wool sweater, a wool scarf, wool socks, a wool hat.  And another mom shared her umbrella with me.  I was okay, but I wished my pants were wool, too. 

Then we went home to the dry house, with our wet selves.  And the kiddo and I loved the play.  Awesome production!  Hilarious, creative, inspiring.  He wants to go again.  So do I.  Daddy refused to go, because it was still raining.  Hmmph.  What a wimp.  When I went to the monster truck thing, we were outside in the colder rain.  Hmmph.  And for a long time.  Hmmph.  And it was boring and loud.  Hmmph.  But that was months ago, and no longer counts on the scoresheet, and he keeps a different score than I do anyway.  Hmmph.

I wore wool pants for the afternoon excursions.  And a wool sweater.  And wool socks.  And a wool neck shawl.  And my rain jacket.

I love wool.

I’ve separated the fronts and the back for armholes on the orange snakes sweater.  Feels like I’m almost done!  Except for finishing the back and the other front and the saddles and the sleeves and the collar and weaving in the ends and choosing buttons and sewing them on and washing/blocking and waiting waiting waiting for it to dry.  But I’m almost done!  And it’s still a fun pattern to knit.



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2 responses to “Wonderful Wool

  1. Well, monster trucks would still be on my scorecard, if that counts for anything. Hmmph.

    I’m glad the wool worked, though, and that you didn’t have to sit through the whole soccer game before getting to go home. I can’t wait to see sweater pics 🙂

  2. Kathryn

    And now it is proven that having multiple wool scarves, hats, etc. can be a very good thing.

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