I read a book the other day

Or two or three, and plenty of other days.

Or would you rather hear about the orange snakes sweater? I finished the body today, knit one saddle shoulder, ripped it out, and now I’m halfway done with it again. Sick kid today, but not messy sick.

I finished Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce yesterday. (I think the mouse needs new batteries. I couldn’t highlight the title. About ten times before I just rewrote the damn thing with the italics button. Gah.) Fun, clever. No great mysteries plot-wise. Which may be why I was able to put it down to leave for work in the morning. Trickster’s Queen (damn mouse!) requested from the library. YA Fantasy.

And then there’s the Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer, also YA, historical. These books are candy! Infuriating in some ways, and they always end with a cliff-hanger. Highly entertaining! Finish one and grab the next entertaining. Except I have one last one sitting here, waiting for me to build up my tolerance for her impulsive recklessness (over and over and over and over).

And so much knitting in my head! A big lace blanket. A vest for me. A couple sweaters for me. My sister-in-law’s scarf (she’s sewing some shirts for me hooray!). Two more sweaters for the kid. And socks. Lots of socks. The kid wears his hand-knit socks, and asks for more. I wear my hand-knit socks and ask for more. More socks! And mitts for a friend working in a frigid office (he already has a pair for his frigid home.) Socks! Oh, can’t forget the next baby sweater – Baby Surprise Jacket in the same yarn as the forest tomten I just finished, for a different friend’s baby.

I like making these absurd lists every once in a while. If I looked back at them, I wonder what I’d find? Probably that I’m slightly farther along on the orange sweater, finished the second sock, started the BSJ, and not much more. Ah, ambition outstrips reality! I like my dreams.

Maybe I should take down the Halloween ghosts in the morning.


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One response to “I read a book the other day

  1. But we’re actually going to do the big lace blanket someday, right? Maybe not right away, but definitely someday 🙂 Meanwhile, those books look like fun, I’ll have to remember to ask Older Daughter if she’s read them…

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