Console Me!

Turns out, I have problems with some of the Things.

Woods Socks for the kid.
wood socks two halves
This looks like a photo of an entire sock, and nearly half of the second. Actually, it’s a photo of two half socks. Shocking to me, but the Kid’s feet grow. And he had a growth spurt since I finished his last pair, which are suddenly too short in the foot. Not only do I have to rip out the first of these socks and lengthen the foot (which I know I’ve mentioned before, being a common experience whenever I knit socks), I have to rip back both the toes of his blue socks and reknit longer. Consolation – he wears his handknit socks, and asks for more.

Orange Snakes.
orange snakes long view saddle and half
Definitely longer than the last photo you’ve seen.

orange snakes saddle and half
And with one saddle complete and sleeve started, and one saddle nearly done.

Last night I finished the second saddle and started the second sleeve. Too bad I decided to check the fit again. One sleeve on waste yarn, one kid’s arm carefully maneuvered in, and the armscye is not deep enough. Nuts! Too much time and good knitting in this sweater. If it’s not worn because it doesn’t fit or it’s uncomfortable, why bother with it? If it’s not worn because children are capricious creatures, well, that’s to be expected and can be dealt with easily (if temporarily) by suggesting it be passed on to another child. I ripped the nascent sleeves, ripped the saddles, put it all back on the needles. This morning, I wove in some ends while I waited for photos to move. Nice pile of orange sitting on the table.

The kid’s been busy, too. His crafty instincts lead him in different directions.
pit road 4



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2 responses to “Console Me!

  1. Argh! What you need is dinosaur cake…oh, but we ate it. At least you love to knit, right?

  2. Aaargh! I hate it when that happens. I’ve been worrying that Rick’s armscyes are going to be too big, but I keep reminding myself that he’s always bigger than he seems. The snakes are looking amazing, and I think you’re definitely going to beat me to the finish line on the sweater thing 🙂

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