What about this weather, huh?

Crazy beautiful weekend, for middle November.  I would like some rain.  I’d rather not have another droughty winter and more water restrictions.  Nevertheless, Sunday was a beautiful day to go to the Zoo!  (after a very lazy Saturday afternoon in the backyard watching kids run through the wind and around clothes on the line)  Though I find I either expedition/relax, or I clean the house/cook/relax.  And not enough of the relax.

Didn’t knit much, not even at the soccer game Saturday.  Been reading more.  I picked up the third of the Urban Shaman books by C.E. Murphy – Coyote Dreams.  Satisfying, not so light reading.  This author is not one for a fuzzy happy ending.  More of a real life not ending. 

And I’m stocking up on Georgette Heyer books with the current printing.  I can’t afford to buy them all at once, so I pick up one or two at a time.  I just finished Black Sheep, which is clever funny.

My local niece does her First Communion in May, or maybe April.  Do you think I can knit a stole in time?  Lace for ten nieces!  Once again, my Big Plans bubble to the surface.  In this case, old Big Plans.  I ought to do it.  She’s local.  The timing is right.  Sort of.  If I started a kid sweater in March and still haven’t finished, do you think I can knit a lace stole (on the narrow side, naturally) in 5 months?  I really ought to do it.  It will be fun!  Really, it will!  I like lace!  I just don’t knit much lace, seeing as how I have to pay attention.  I’m going to do it.  Good thing I don’t have yarn yet for that big lace blanket I’m planning…

Ooh! I almost forgot!  I gave the forest tomten to my friend Sunday.  She likes it, the weather was too warm to use it.  I’ll try to remember to ask for photos of sweater in use.  If I can do it without sounding like I need proof it’s used.  Hmm…



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2 responses to “What about this weather, huh?

  1. Does the friend know about the blog? You could always tell her that it’s to humor your readers 🙂 I love the idea of lace for first communion — you could always do a white version of the half-pi, instead of a stole; that went really fast! (Note that mine is still far from finished…)

  2. Janet

    I just read that series by C.E. Murphy! I wanted Joanne to end up with Morrison sooooo badly!

    I enjoyed them so much I picked up the Negotiator. but it will have to wait until I finish The Chronicles of the Cheysuli by Jennifer Roberson. 8 volumes and I can’t put them down.

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