Post-Mortem, and a little karmic payback

That was a fun Thanksgiving!

I took most of the week off and Mom came to visit.  I want it this way every year!  Time to cook and clean ahead, with still the crazy times Wednesday night.  Time to go to the grocery store. Several times.  (Thanks Mom!)

I picked up a turkey, bigger than we wanted for 5 adults and 3 kids, but the smallest they had.

Mom experimented with the rolls all week, to find the best way to have them ready for the oven when the turkey came out.  Delicious rolls every night.

And then Wednesday happened.

In the midst of food and house prep, I decided to clean up the kiddo’s bedroom too.  Major clean-up, involving sorting and throwing out and organizing and even putting away.  Not the whole room, but a few key spots.  The day before Thanksgiving (and the day before his birthday).

My husband recaulked the kitchen sink.  The day before Thanksgiving.

I called my sister-in-law to make sure they were coming  and confirm the time.  Especially important that they come – the kiddo’s birthday was Thanksgiving day this year, and we needed the cousins for a family birthday celebration.  If I leave it to my husband to invite his brother and find out if they’re really coming, he never actually does it.  Where was I going with this?  Oh yes, the Wednesday phone call.  Yes, they’ll be coming, with another little girl they babysit who has so much fun with the kiddo and her sister’s family coming from SoCal will eat with us too.  Yup, it’s the day before Thanksgiving.

Ack!  2 more adults!  A 12 year old!  A 6 year old!  A 2 year old!  Good thing the little ones won’t eat anything.  The turkey’s not too big anymore.  Hope it’s big enough…  And we need another dish…  Mom to the store again, for the second time Wednesday.  Thank you Mom!  Guess I need to pick up the house more thoroughly.  I don’t know these folks well enough!  (the in-laws have seen my house and me at our worst, but I can still deceive these people)

Cook.  Clean.  Cook.  Clean.  Frantically excited kid.  Late bedtime.  Cook. Clean.  Late bedtime for me.  Up early.   Follow the schedule!  Cook.  Birthday presents.  Clean.  Cook.  Cook.  Cook.  Is it afternoon yet?  When are my cousins coming?  Why are they such slowpokes?  Call them and find out when they’re getting here.  When are my cousins coming?

Roasted meats always take a bit or a lot longer than I hope they will.  I finally got around to checking the turkey temp and whoa!  Already overdone!  Ack!  Turkey out.  I hope they get here now.  Here they are!  All of them…   Gravy, potatoes, rolls.  Get everybody to the table, which is nearly impossible.  Calling cats together.

Delicious food, all of it.  Even the overdone turkey.  Except the rolls.  Which were edible, but not nearly as good as any of the batches we ate all week.  ??

I made a turkey, because I was cooking for a bunch of non-US born folks, and I figured turkey was the expected food for this traditional meal.  I’m not so fond of turkey, and I’m not worried about tradition.  I’d rather make mole.  But I served turkey.

After the quiet phase of the meal, when we had time to talk between shoving forkfuls of food into our mouths, the truth about turkey came out.  “This turkey is really good.  I don’t like turkey, but this is really good.”  “I’ve never eaten turkey I liked before.  It’s always dry.”  If only I’d known!  And now I’m stuck serving turkey forever.  I said it was the brining, which saved it from the dire overcooking.  That, and it was organic, free-range, natural, yadeedah.  Happy turkeys taste better, clearly.  We all agree.

These kids play well together, running free around the house and outside.  Even quietly sometimes.  Huh.  But mostly not.  Kiddo had a great birthday, with cousins and their other cousins, and not so many presents (but they added up over the day), and Happy Chocolate Cake, and a feast.

Everybody left.  The kitchen was a wasteland.  You know how it always ends up.  Good feast.  Good party.

I went upstairs to see the damage in the kiddo’s bedroom.

Somebody, or several, painted.  Not just the paper on the easel.  Paint on the walls.  Paint on the blinds.  Paint on the floors.  Poster paint, cleanable if I do it now.  I should have taken a photo, but my camera is in a box downstairs (clearing the clutter momentarily – I started bringing the boxes back already don’t worry).

There is a story about me.  It seems I painted the walls of a neighbor’s house when I was very young.  I deny any knowledge of this incident.  But I thought about it last night.

And then I washed the dishes.


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One response to “Post-Mortem, and a little karmic payback

  1. Karma’s just a kick in the pants, ain’t it? It sounds like an insane, but very successful day. Happy birthday, kiddo! And aren’t moms great? I’m glad the turkey was saved; I agree that those free-range birds taste a lot better, and give one a lot more leeway in the cooking. Enjoy your (hopefully very relaxing) weekend!

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