It’s been a little odd today. Some emotional stuff. Very much stuff. I went to see my grandmother for her hospice intake today. Interesting, easy enough to do at the time. Didn’t help with the work ennui all afternoon.

Cooked dinner. Pulled out the packet of ground beef to make albondigas. Felt light. I checked the label – yup, I bought a pound and a half. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t short me. Opened it up. It looked smaller and smaller as I opened it, until I got to the bag. Definitely less than I bought. I know what happened! Now I know why my husband kept asking me when I was going to use it. He’s been using it for his lunches, with the reasonable belief that it’s better to throw away a little than a lot after I let it sit too long in the fridge. So we have a lot of caldo and not so much meat. And I added too much cloves to the caldo. And I ‘forgot’ the mint. (lazy!)

For the grand finale, I will wash the dishes and feed the rabbit!

I just read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Good Book! Very good book. Fascinating dead people, even some live ones. I think it’s maybe too old for the kiddo, or I’m not ready yet to read him a book with this much scary. Not that the scary is overwhelming. But better for an older kid, I’m pretty sure. I forgive the book for getting me to cry at the end. (I’m not so fond of crying. I need the liquid inside me.)



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3 responses to “Thursday

  1. Janet

    I’m sorry about your grandmother. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. margaret

    Ahhh. A difficult day. At least the rabbit got fed. Perhaps some chocolate will help-I’ve still got some truffles….

  3. It does sound like a rough day. One of those days where it kind of piles up. Hang in there…

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