Where is that camera?

Busy, busy, busy.

Saturday was a soccer day – the last day of games this year!  Hooray! says Mom.  Kiddo has grown into enjoying the games, so he’s sad to stop.  Unexpectedly, we had two games because it was a tournament weekend.  Who knew?  We are not the most organized team in the league, nor is the league the most organized in the city.  But that’s okay!  Because instead of having the End of Soccer celebration at my house, we had it on the bleachers between games.  I missed the first game – spent it at Costco getting a membership so I could buy cheap pizza.  Wouldn’t everyone do the same?

And my brother flew from Colorado to visit for a couple days.  Always good to see him, even if he’s really here to see our grandmother while he can.  He already gave me my Christmas present.  He cooked dinner for us Monday night!  Too bad the dirty dishes fairy didn’t come by in the night to change out the dirty dishes for clean. 

All these family vists mean we’ve been to the playa fria often, but I have my camera in a box for the moment.  Last trip, with Mom, we saw huge humongous crazy big waves.  Balmy (for the play fria), but huge (did I already use that adjective?) waves.  Lots of folks, all mesmerized by the sea.  I attempted a few photos with the phone.  Don’t think I managed to capture the hugeness.  Much more normal cold visit with my brother this last Sunday. 

I started another mitt.  Amazing Complicated Knitting!  And I still have ten thousand project ideas and plans floating around.  Maybe I should write some down?  Especially the ones for coming babies…

The grape leaves are falling.


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  1. That’s the playa I love. Fria, and with big waves. I can imagine them now… And if those dirty dishes fairies come your way, give them my address, too, OK? 🙂

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