Chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal.  Every time I wonder out loud at the kid what cookies we should make Saturday, he says chocolate chip cookies.  I think he likes chocolate chip cookies.  I think we’ll make chocolate chip cookies.

Rusks.  Because they keep pretty well.

Orange walnut cake.

Chocolate chestnut log.  Or maybe this one later.

Moravian cookies, which I like.  The kid will help roll them out, but he won’t help eat them.  Such a tragedy.

Frigid Office Mitts – nearly done.  This weekend should see them completely done.  And his wife gets ‘It Itches.’

Brother’s girlfriend’s mitten and scarf repair.  A lover of handknits!  My brother brought the stuff from Colorado for me to fix.  I give my sister-in-law in Richmond sewing things to do for me.  And in turn, I fix knit stuff long distance from Colorado.  Somehow, it all works out.  Especially if I make that

Scarf for Sister-in-law.  Bright green!  Undulating ribs from Knitting New Scarves.

Slouchy lace hat for a coworker with unspun.  She found two wheels of it at the Salvation Army.  I make her a hat, and keep the rest to play with.  Oh yeah!

One year old mittens with that lovely green Jitterbug for one of the clinic workers.

BSJ for my coworker’s baby.  She likes that lovely green Jitterbug too.  So do I.  But I don’t have enough yarn left, and haven’t seen any that particular colour.  She asked if it would work with the end being a different colour.  Of course!  Maybe a dark turquoise…  And she’s perfectly happy however it is.

And the Orange Snakes Sweater.  I asked the kid when he wants his sweater done.  He said January, but he’ll give me until November.  That’s not much of a deadline!

This list needs an order of should-be-done.  Even better, if I work on each knit thing one at a time, I’ll get them all done.

No, this isn’t a Christmas gift list!  Other than the baking.  Just a list of things I need to do (knitting with pleasure, I assure you), and don’t want to forget.


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  1. Lists are good. Lists with very little time pressure are even better! I want some cookies now…

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