Which would you like to read first?  Orange Snakes Sweater?  Canned Goods?

I’ll go with canned goods today.

Mom and I had a chance to sit around jabbering last night, just the two of us.  We had a great time discussing the odd theories different family members come up with to explain the behaviour of other family members.  (My theories, and maybe my mother’s, are not odd at all, and clearly the only correct ones.)  And then we had a good time talking about food.  I remember eating (or mostly not) green peas all the time when I was a kid.  Mom remembers green peas constantly served for dinner when she was a kid.  She didn’t particularly like them, but didn’t have many options during Wisconsin winters, when I got them on my plate.  I hardly ever serve them.  I didn’t like them at all.  Memory is a funny thing.  I know Mom only used frozen peas, but I swear I remember the smell of canned peas.  *shudder*  Mom shudders too. 

(Some family history – both sets of my grandparents moved to California, my parents are born and raised here, which makes me second generation? If we use the language of immigration, which we ought to.  My dad’s parents moved back to Utah for a while after he left for college.)  When my parents were a fledgling married couple, they visited his family in small-town Utah.  Of course, his family is Mormon.  And, like most churches I imagine, the Mormon Church takes care of its own.   In this particular case, with canned goods.  Not home-canned goods.   Mom and Dad got boxes of canned goods from his mom, who had a terrible sense of humour.  The cans were all without labels.  Mom says they learned the stamped codes quickly.  The peas stayed in the closet forever.  I wonder why they didn’t throw them out?  They used cans and boards for bookshelves, sturdier than the student classic milkcrates and boards.  Good times they had!

I like living in the Bay Area, with fresh produce all the time.  But I don’t particularly like my food bills.  I need to think about how to eat well for less money.  Anybody want to buy me a freezer?


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  1. Ah, yes, the old freezer question. Believe me, I’ve been considering it for a while, for exactly this reason! (Canned peas, shudder… They really are only good for holding up bookshelves.)

    (P.S. Orange snakes!! You’re killing me!)

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