Doggone It! Not Again!

(The ending of a good silly kid book about Zeke and his steer.  We like that line, but I have problems with the plot line it presents.  Good thing I can’t think of the real title!)

Nice thing about having Dad visit is that he likes to go to far-off places like Pt Reyes, and he likes to drive.   So I got to carry around the kiddo’s sweater in the car and finish off the saddle shoulders.  Again. 

I persuaded the kid to stand still long enough to try the sweater on.  It’s a bit tight.  I steam-blocked the sweater (looks fabulous!).  Better.  Probably even better after a good wash and wet-blocking.  Mom and I brainstormed possible ideas to eke a little more width out of this thing.  Because I want to finish this sweater before my son has his own child to give it too.  (That’s the back-up plan.)  So, I’m not thrilled, but this thing is workable.

Meanwhile, the kid decides he’s okay with it being a vest, so I decide to try it.  I filled in the back of the armholes a bit, and finished them off with some Icord.  Looks pretty good.  Grabbed the kid again to put the now vest on.  He sticks his arms through and says, “It fits good!”  Mom and I are rolling on the floor, laughing (me, laughing in despair).  It does not fit good – the armholes are too tight.  I’m not sure he can bring his arms done to his sides.  Which means I should rip out the saddle shoulders again and add another repeat to the body and start over.  And make it a sweater! 

He still wants it.  I have to finish it.  Preferably while it’s still cold.  And I don’t have so much knitting time in my life.  Orange Snakes at the Gates of Hell.

Last night, I cast on a vest for me with Christmas Noro Silk Garden.



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2 responses to “Doggone It! Not Again!

  1. Aaaargh!! No!!!

    You SO deserve some time to knit something for you. This sweater is out to get you, clearly!

  2. Margaret Schultz

    Very funny but aaaaaakkkkkk!

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