It Rained!

Aaaahhh…. The drizzle came! It may even still be drizzling now.

Does a new president reset our weather to normal? Wouldn’t it be nice if that were so!  Somehow, though, I don’t think it is so.

I’ve been busy, even knitting a bit.  Knit up an Urchin in lovely light blue Malabrigo.  Completely addictive and fast pattern.  Too bad it’s too shallow for me.  Fits the kid nicely.  It may be a baby/kid hat for somebody who doesn’t mind handwashing.  I started it Saturday night, instead of packing stuff for an impulse overnight to Monterey, and grafted it closed Tuesday in a hospital parking lot.  Not bad!  Especially since I don’t knit and drive.

I’ve added a few rows to my dogi vest (there’s a picture on this page) in Noro Silk Garden.  Maybe I should take it off the needles for a fit test.  Maybe I should live dangerously and keep on knitting!  Yup, that’s what I’ll do.

The kid and I abandoned Papa and ran down to Monterey last weekend to take advantage of an offer from friends to go to the Aquarium with them.  Can’t pass that up!  We had a good time, of course.  Spent the night with her in-laws, who fed us lots of good Korean food.  (us doesn’t include the kiddo – he preferred the pizza)   The plan was to drive back home in the morning.  Instead, we went to Carmel Beach for a (warm!) (and sunny!) minute and back to the in-laws for more food.  And coffee. 

Tuesday was the Inaugural Ball.  I didn’t plan on going, but Papa encouraged us to abandon him once again, and sent us on our way.  My usual date is the kid – husband doesn’t enjoy the social stuff with my friends for some reason.  School night?  What does that signify?

Of course, after a quiet few work weeks involving lots and lots of catch-up charting, I’ve had a doozy of a week.  Lots of people to see!  Lots of people to test!  Lots of people to chase down!  Lots of anxious people!  Including their angry teen daughters!  Or maybe that last only seemed like a large number of people.   So now I have lots and lots more charting to do.  Instead of this.  Ahem.

Some day, I will post photos.  That is not a pledge or a promise.  More of a wish.


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  1. Wishes are good, and you know me, I’m clearly all about knitting on the fly! Your travels sound like great fun — Monterey is awesome, and we love the aquarium. I hope your week gets more peaceful (and it’s almost over!). 🙂

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