This and That

The importance of little words:  “…abused a child”  or “…abused as a child”

I wonder what they are doing around Lake Merritt?  I don’t like the view of water/sky as well through the chain link fence.  At least machines are out there now, so it’s clear something is happening construction like.  Better paths?

When I drive past the lake a few minutes before 6 in the evening, the late evening sky light is soft.  By the time I drive by again about 20 minutes later, the lake is dark with reflected people lights – not as peaceful a sight.  But the days are noticeably longer!

Two hats are too big.   More accurately – one hat is too big.  The other hat is too big in one way and too small in another. 

Mt. Tamalpais is a lovely mountain.  Not green enough for the end of January, but we’ll enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Winding roads down Mt. Tam make the first loose tooth!  Woo Hoo!  (I’m so glad I’ve already got a little tooth pillow made, or I’d never have it done.  And I wanted to do it.  Phew!)

We are endlessly amused by the word Way.  One of those odd little English/Spanish/slang intersections.  Great driving fun!

We are not amused by traffic getting through Berkeley.  There is no way (ha!) to get through Berkeley without traffic, unless you ride a bike.  Maybe that’s why?

Good thing there are a lot of Ways in Berkeley.  Dwight Way.  One way. (giggle, sputter!)

I’m also amused and horrified by a song.  A vampire cumbia song.  Oh yes!  Chupame!  And then there’s another cumbia with Montame! como caballito  I’m not sure if it’s more vulgar or more sexy.  I vote for vulgar, but that’s my non-native impression.

Choosing colours by what’s already wound in a ball worked this time.  I’m working on that Baby Surprise Jacket for a coworker with what’s left of the lovely green Jitterbug.  And now with purple stripes leftover from the finished (too big!) beret in, oh what’s that yarn?, Nature’s Palette orchid.  Gorgeous!  Recipient’s mother/incubator approved.  Cast on (after the unsucessful previous colour choices) riding to Mt. Tam.  It was a nice Saturday.



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2 responses to “This and That

  1. That first line certainly caught my attention and made me wonder where that came up — not good, either way.

    OK, as a non-Spanish speaker, what’s the meaning of whatever it is that sounds like “way”? It also sounds like a very slangy French “oui” 🙂 Congrats on the loose tooth, and on the pillow foresight; Tam scores another one for the team.

  2. Kathryn

    Yeah. What brought on the first sentence? Gads.
    Love the fascination with “way.”
    Purple with the green–perfect! Gettin’ into mardi gras colors, eh?
    Eventful outing, and a productive use of the long and curving road up and down Mt. Tam. Toothwise and knitwise and (perhaps?) conversationwise.
    [Everyone voted for the afterthought pockets…wise women.]

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