Break in the rain

(No, it’s not been raining steadily since the last time I mentioned rain!  Too rare this winter.  It merits notice.  The rain, not the break.)

break in the rain

A bit of sun came out just as it was time to stop working (the paying job, and you notice I didn’t say ‘finish working’), so I grabbed the baby surprise jacket to finish casting off upstairs in the (tidied) kid’s room. (Tidy downstairs too! How long can we keep it up?)

And just enough light was left to grab a picture or two.

forest orchid bsj

“And there is no breaking-off or joining-in of yarn.”

forest orchid bsj ends

Which would be a lovely thing! I, however, have a few ends to finish. Buttons are at hand. No excuse to let it linger, and every reason to finish quickly. Baby’s due in March! We won’t be seeing Mom in the office much longer. Maybe I should finish (and wash) by Thursday – we have a meeting. Can I do it?

Oh, the suspense! Stay tuned for the next episode…



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2 responses to “Break in the rain

  1. You can do it, rah rah rah! I love those colors (and isn’t this rain great? I’m loving every single drop of it, even the freezing cold ones that fell on me when I was swimming laps). 🙂

  2. Kmom

    Glorious sky! From the kid’s window? Must be, to get the height. Even the wires and rooftops have a look of some exotic place–an enviably far-off vacation spot. Perhaps, for that moment between “stop work” and “finish baby surprise,” it was.

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