Slow here means busy outside the computer.  Nothing bad!   Just fun stuff like taxes and continuing ed and groceries and birthday parties and laundry.  And that work thing takes up so much time.

But I snagged a few projects needing photos recently, and since I just spent All That Time putting them on the computer, maybe I’ll put a few up here.

I owe my sister-in-law a scarf.  And I finally managed it (except for the ends cleverly hidden) over a few days.
concuna scarf edge

Yarn is Classic Elite Posh (30% cashmere, 70% silk, 100% luscious). Held double on US 10 needles, knit up in mistake ribbing on 23 stitches, first stitch each row slipped knitwise. Knit until no more yarn. I wonder what will happen when I wash it?

And I finally knit myself something with some lovely crazy soft yarn from last year’s Knitting Retreat. Very warm. Very soft. Mohair on silk.  A big cozy hat.
cozy hat

Remember that orange snakes sweater for the kid? Most recently, the armholes were too shallow. I didn’t feel like ripping out the saddles again and knitting up again, so I steeked them lower. Photographic proof, if it’s a legible photo. I even have both sleeves started. Again.
snakes steek

Did I just hear my child call me by my full name? Maybe I should go…. Living again. It’s a good thing.



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2 responses to “Slow…

  1. Hooray for living! The orange sweater is looking very sweater-like, and the hat looks warm and cozy. What more can one ask of one’s knitting?

  2. Kmom

    Ah yes, the infamous steek! Steeking to fix something marks the next level of knitting confidence, one up from blithely ripping out, don’t you think? Good going.

    The hat is great!

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