Two Steps Forward, Ten Steps Back

The other morning I had a chance to sit in hell and knit on the orange snake sleeves.

In case you wondered, hell is the customer waiting area for Honda service. Time bends. One hour is really two, but feels like seven or eight. The flourescent light over my seat flickers. The radio from the working area plays music I actively dislike. I think they must be mostly men about my age, maybe a bit older. I can tell by the music choice. (Cherry Pie. Pour some sugar on me. That ilk.) Maybe they’re in hell too, and someone thinks that’s what they want to hear? Then someone turns up the TV. The music fades back, but now I’m forced to hear some morning show doing makeovers, on women of course. And the Price is Right. All this for an oil change.

Lots of knitting time in hell. I finished one sleeve (the other one is already more than half completed). But this is hell, so the sleeve shaping is wonky and I rip back to before knitting in hell started.

Eh, it’s working out fine. It is a better sleeve.

And the dash service due light is off. No more glowing wrench! (I must say, it startled me when it first turned on, as I drove through West Oakland to see a patient. Had to pull over to check the manual. I think dash lights mean something dire, and I don’t appreciate the car messing with my worldview. Harrumph.)



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2 responses to “Two Steps Forward, Ten Steps Back

  1. Ah, yes. *This* is the story Sartre should have written 😉 In fact, I am scheduled for a visit to hell tomorrow morning myself. Except I’ll probably have to bring the paper I’m working on. D’you think I should stand up and declaim it to everyone who’s in the waiting room, just for practice? It might liven things up a bit…

  2. Margieinoakland

    Ha! That hell of which you speak is my home or homes away from home. Welcome to my world. And yes!!! the TV is always on some grotesque talk show that I get sucked into. And the time goes VERY slowly and the lighting is always bad. But really, you were trying to talk about the sweater, not the hell, right?

    Its done now, right? RIGHT? Mostly…?

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