Really done?

finish back sweater wearing

orange snakes shoulder collar

Done enough to wear on Mt Tamalpais! Buttons and collar facing yarn chosen by the kiddo, of course. I wouldn’t do something like that on my own! I’m not nearly adventurous enough. Luckily, he is. Look at that beautiful bottom edge! Not a hint of flare or ruffle or wave. A redo well worth doing. (Snipped a stitch and unraveled the row to remove the garter edge. Picked up and knit down, adding a few decreases in the first row.) The whole thing blocked out nicely.  Most importantly, he’s wearing it voluntarily and happily!  Orange snakes!

(I still need to add I-cord to the button bands. The buttons need to be attached again, vertically instead of horizontally so they grab the button loops with both ends. And I need to do real button loops from the edge, instead of plain yarn loops. Makeshift, but they worked for the day.  Not quite really done.)



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2 responses to “Really done?

  1. But so close, and I LOVE it!! It’s everything a sweater should be 🙂 I bet he’s going to wear that one a lot!

  2. Margieinoakland

    Yahoo! Its beautiful, just beautiful…and he’s even going to wear it? Icing on the cake….

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