Happy Mothers’ Day

mothers day card 09

Speaks for itself, I believe.  Not that I can leave it alone!  Now I know why he’s been asking how old I am.  I hope he means the yarn store or the book store.  Or the chocolate store.  Certainly not the grocery store.  Please note that he spells ‘knits’ correctly.

Here are a couple things found around the house this evening.

after cousins leave

The cousins came by. They decided it would be a wonderful thing to play with the hose. Then they found a bottle of shampoo and washed the slide. And covered themselves in suds. Came in shivering, so I dumped them in the shower, clothes and all. The kids melted and went down the drain. This is what’s left. I suppose I should wash the clothes before they mold.

we ate here

We ate here. I spent a good bit of time in that back chair between a book and knitting.

wisteria grown

On the other side of the patio from the grapes. This wisteria has grown significantly since last year. I believe it has three more leaves. Maybe it will grow to be taller than the grass this summer.

Seems like a nice day!  Too bad I haven’t been able to shake the grumps. (Weeks of grumps! Contributing to the dearth of posting.)



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3 responses to “Happy Mothers’ Day

  1. It does seem like a nice day — I love the kiddo’s description 🙂 But sometimes the grumps cling even in the face of nice days; I hope yours head off somewhere else soon!

  2. Margieinoakland

    Say goodbye to the grumps and hello to the backyard knitting.

    I just love that mother’s day card….very funny!

  3. Kathryn

    Well, I should have known. I thought he wrote “She likes to go to the STOVE.” Store makes more sense, especially considering the “theme,” but stove is pretty funny.

    Down the drain? Have you been reading EB White? Or maybe it was the water-effect as in The Wizard of Oz. Shampooed the slide? No wonder they’ve gone down the drain. How hilarious. And slick.

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