Not just microscopic wisteria

We also have one sunflower that survived the snails! (Must remember to buy diatomaceous earth and I’m not checking the spelling on that.)
one sunflower left

Oh, all right. That’s not the whole story.

tomatoes strawberries
Tomatoes and strawberries in the earth boxes (in front of the lonely sunflower). So far, so good.

patio cave outside
The patio. The rose is getting so big, you can’t see the grape covering everything thickly. A veritable green cave inside. The microscopic wisteria is over to the left. What? You can’t see it? Neither can I.

spotty rose
Pretty, isn’t it? This gets huge clumps of flowers, each flower lasting only a day or so once open. It’s like a bride’s bouquet on one stem. Husband swears up and down it has a scent. I smell it faintly.

little apples
My mothers’ day present from last year (my choice!). Bloomed so beautifully. And look! Tiny apples!

Ah, I feel better just looking at it all again.



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3 responses to “Not just microscopic wisteria

  1. Growth! Lots of growth! It all looks fabulous — makes me want to sit out there and knit 🙂

  2. Margieinoakland

    Wow, beautiful. Your tomatoes and strawberries are WAY bigger than ours…we are still very excited to see growth!

  3. Kathryn

    Freckled roses! Never noticed that before.

    (Funny how no one commented on the spit, but immediate response to the glorious growth. Flowers and greenery beat the heck out of saliva.)

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