One of those ideas

My niece has/had her first communion on the 16th.  When my concuna called about a week and a half before to tell me about the party, I had that idea.  You know, the one about a lace shawl for a special occasion.  She’s small.  It could be done in a thicker yarn.  Such a great idea!

Decided on the Butterfly Shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls.  Found some white cotton in the closet.  Cast on with some mysterious needles. Recast on after heavily modifying the pattern. Recast on several more times.

butterfly shawl start

I like it, but it sure didn’t happen! Ah, it’s always worth a try. This will go into the someday pile. We’ll buy her some little gold earrings instead. We checked. Her ears are pierced. My husband says he’ll buy them. I don’t think he trusts me! I might get some to my taste instead of to his.

By the way, has anybody seen my needles? All I see in the drawer are empty envelopes. Which is understandable, given the numbers of projects breeding in the corners. But I can’t even find the KnitPicks case! Maybe it’s hanging out with those medication bottles I’m desperately looking for. What could they be doing together? Linezolid is an expensive drug, but I doubt it has much street value…



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2 responses to “One of those ideas

  1. Margieinoakland

    Hmmm, the beginning of that shawl looks really pretty….how many are in the works? How many nieces?

  2. Needles don’t have much street value, either, alas. Maybe they eloped? I call the shawl a valiant try, and the earrings a good recovery. But now I’m curious about the WIP list…

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