Chart or Knit?

No, not the eternal debate of charts v written out instructions. The other eternal debate – should I work or can I knit? We all know the correct answer, even if we don’t live the correct way. Interpret at will.

I’m so close to finishing my grey alpaca shawl! My son encouraged me last night (at bedtime! I think he was stalling). “You can finish it today, Mom!” Helpful, isn’t he? I’m 6-8 inches from the end, all narrowing down from where I am. And I don’t want to stop or end! And yet, I can’t wait to finish! (I’ve got new blocking wires to try.) Too bad I have a junta de reganos tomorrow, with an important farmers market visit before (snack week again) and a birthday party after. And maybe some grocery shopping in there. A grand day!

Mom’s blog is back. Pain and Comfort. She’s got Alabama garden pictures. The best part is that the humidity can’t come through the computer screen.  No, not entirely true.  I like talking to my Mom.  That’s the best part.

I read a bunch of Georgette Heyer mysteries recently.  So much fun!  (Penhallow’s not fun at all.  Consider yourself warned.)  And well-written.   I’m reading Joan Didion’s A Year of Magical Thinking, which is not so much fun, but also well-written, also involving death.  Maybe I need to find something goofy after this one.  I have a low tolerance for sad reading.  (also a low tolerance for utterly horrible writing, even for the brain candy)



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2 responses to “Chart or Knit?

  1. Knit! You must knit! 😉

    Your enjoyment of Heyers made me wonder if you mightn’t like some of the Jeeves/Bertie Wooster books, or alternatively, anything including Lord Peter Wimsy (less funny, but still fun to read). I haven’t read Heyer in ages, maybe it’s time again?

  2. kmom

    I like talking to you, too.
    And it’s not really humid yet. Well, it was when we arrived home. And there have been the few odd days this spring… But not like usual. Pretty good, since I’m pretty sure we’re out of the drought this year. I’ll try to get a good picture of the humidity when it hits. Meanwhile watch for the snow pics.

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