Urg, with a nice shade of grey

Moan, moan, complain, groan, moan.

I’ve had a cold.  Feeling better, but I’m working, so grumble… Cough.

On the good side, I had a lovely grey alpaca shawl to curl up under.  Might be why I wish it was bigger.  And now it needs to hang out in the sun for a while to be de-virused.  Or I could wash and reblock.  Blocking wires work a treat!  But I’d rather just have it in the sun, next time we have some. 

Next shawl I knit, I probably won’t slip the first stitch of the garter edge.  I couldn’t block it out quite as much as I wanted.  (and maybe I should have left it until it really was dry!)  As a matter of fact, the next shawl I knit is already started.  I happen to have some Noro Silk Garden Sock, looks like browns and greys and blues on the outside, but we all know good surprises lurk inside!  And I happened to run across this Gaia Shoulder Hug shawl.  Obviously a perfect choice for the yarn, and I don’t even have to make something up!  I’ll use both skeins of yarn for it, so it will be happily bigger than the one shown here.  I wonder if I have any pictures yet?  Started it for a meeting last week.  The work spirit-week kind of meeting.  Urg.  Ripped it out to reknit without slipping that first stitch each row.  Sunday, started it up again sitting feverishly at the Adventure Playground in the Berkeley Marina (what a great place!  Free!  But not so fun if your kids’ tetanus shots aren’t up to date and you worry about that kind of thing).  Very nice carry-along knitting.  Smaller than the gorgeous (if I do say so myself, and you only have my word for it because no photos are appearing here just yet) grey alpaca shawl.

But I seem to find myself with some baby knitting to do.  The best kindergarten teacher in the known and unknown universe (yes, even better than the best you’ve known) is having a baby girl this September.  For some reason, I feel like knitting a baby blanket.  I started.  It’s beautiful!  I only hope they agree, and if they don’t, I want it back for me!  Naturally, there’s a whole saga of what I started and why and what I’m actually knitting and why.  But that will wait for another post in a week or two or three.  Mom and I have already had several long discussions about the whole thing.  It’s so nice to have someone or two or three to have those long creative craft talks with.  We have more fun in person, when we can pull things out.  I’m lucky to have several friends here like that.  And one or two of you imaginary people too!  Who so kindly read through my ramblings when I get around to sharing.

Huh!  I’ve rambled myself right into a good mood!  Better go put it to work.



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2 responses to “Urg, with a nice shade of grey

  1. Janet

    Enjoy the shawl and feel better soon.

  2. I hope the work went swiftly and well, and that you got to get back to your knitting quickly 🙂 I can’t wait to hear the baby blanket story, and to see the shawls! The alpaca one sounds tres cozy…

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