Lost Habit

(If I ever had the habit…)

I’ve got a memory card full of photos to sort through.

I’ve got a backlog of this and that in my head. Rapidly dissipating into the realm of lost ideas.

I’m playing with the spindle. Addictive little thing. I’ve got one or two or three somewhat active knitting projects.  Very slowly active.

I’ve got the work stress hamster wheel brain thing. Such fun!  Especially before the alarm goes off in the morning.  (I’m stealing an idea from one of the Tour de Fleece teams – Suck Less!  My goal is to suck less at work.  Not that I’m bad, but some things I’m terrible at doing, and they contribute mightily to the hamster wheel brain.)  I have a new patient in Albany.  Do you realize how much traffic is between me and Albany?  Grumble.  There ought to be an easy way to get over there, but there isn’t.  It’s not even far.  (Two nice yarn stores in Albany, but I swear I’m not thinking of them.  Really.)

The tomato plants are big! And only one tomato has set. Something is eating the few strawberries before they’re ready for us. I picked a good handful of green beans last week or so, and my husband cooked them all up for his own dinner. Sniff!

The apples are growing heavier. We now have a fig tree and a peach tree and arguments about which tree is whose. The patio ceiling is loaded with grapes. I’m optimistically planning a grape jelly making session sometime in August, preferably with friends. Who wants to join in?

Sunday, driving away from the house, we saw a chicken crossing the road.  Really!  She was going to the grass on the next parking strip.  Looked just like ours, so I had to stop and call my husband to make sure Coco (or is it Shakira?) was still home.  How many chickens live in Oakland?  More than we suspect!  By the way, our hen is teaching herself to crow like a rooster.  A hoarse rooster.  We may end up with a real rooster,  despite my adamant refusal to have such a noisy creature in our backyard.  (We’re noisy too, but not at 5:30 am.)

The kiddo is finishing up his month of Oakland Fine Arts Summer School this week.  Two performances on Thursday!  (Of course I’m taking the day off.)  As far as I can tell, he has loads of fun.  But he doesn’t tell me about it.  Ah well, separation anxiety goes both ways.

The kiddo’s first and very best friend moved back from Boston!  We are so happy.  We spent Fourth of July with them in Sonoma.  The fireworks were great!  Loved being able to walk to them.  Loved that they were professional fireworks.  Loved that there was no music, just oohs and aahs.  The neighborhood fireworks were still going when we got home after midnight.

Last night was hot.  Today is hot.  Where is the fog?!



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2 responses to “Lost Habit

  1. That’s a lot going on! I recognize the hamster brain oh-so-well, and isn’t it so true that procrastination just makes it worse? Albany is definitely quite a ways from you, traffic-wise, but I think I remember at least one of those yarn stores (not to mention Fat Apple’s, mmm….). I hope that your fog comes back soon; if it does, send a little extra my way, OK?

  2. Margaret

    Ah, she’s back! And so much happening. No fog here in Fresno but there’s AC. Gotta find the silver lining….

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