Free Range Chickens Again

I don’t really believe it, but now ‘they’ say different.  I will no longer be scrambling to finish these dratted forms up this weekend!  But I must, must, must continue working on them, because they have to go away sometime.  Too bad the motivation is so much less.

What is the history of the phrase “chickens coming home to roost?”  Who has an OED handy?  I refuse to look it up on Wikipedia.

Let me tell you about last weekend.  I’m pretty sure it was a lovely weekend, but it’s been a busy week and I don’t remember most of it.  I think we hung out with friends one day?   Yeah!  Grilled hot dogs!  And I decided to go through my yarn, starting with the yarn tucked into my bedroom closet before it heads upstairs to the real yarn closet (Not the kid’s closet – he doesn’t own it!).  I’ve been seeing a m*th or two around, every once in a while, often enough and recently enough to get through my denial filters. 

I had a wonderful time!  (sort of)  I touched all my yarn.  Every single skein and ball.  Except for the ones attached to ‘active’ projects around the house.  I found m*ths, but I’m lucky.  They were chewing up some ancient orange wool given to me out of someone’s closet.  No, the dreaded insects didn’t come in on it, I’m pretty sure.  But now it’s in the garbage.  I discovered evidence of earlier m*th life cycles under the labels of the little cones of weaving cotton.  None of it eaten, but they liked those tight, dark spaces.  All in the garbage.  And one bag of roving, because I saw one small, non-m*th insect in the bag, and, well, it had to go too.  Could have been so much worse!  And now it’s all bagged up again, with lavender tucked in.  Great timing!  The lavender bushes in the front yard didn’t mind a little trim in back.

My husband saw the room mid yarn check.   Surprising how big a pile can look, when it’s all pulled out.  Or more accurately – surprising how much can be put away tidily, out of sight in the closet.  “Did you buy all of it, or is it gifts?”  “Some of both.”  And that was the end of that conversation.  (Good thing the bills get paid and the child is clothed and fed.  And that I’m the one with the steady, good-paying job with benefits.)

It might be about half gift, half bought.  I have a few sweaters and vests in there.  And a lot of socks and baby sweaters.  But very little red.  I’d like to do a red scarf for OFA, which is why I now have some red Cascade Venezia – it’s soft (merino and silk) and sturdy and a great colour.  But first I’m finishing some orchid mitts (ends and blocking!), and that baby blanket.  Have I showed you either of those yet?  We may go right to finished photos at this rate.  And I really want to get working with more of Mom’s handspun.  There’s a sweater or two in there, or some great shawls…

It’s been a dramatic week.  And tomorrow we go to Peter Pan.  I can’t wait!


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  1. Hooray for Peter Pan, and double hooray for minimal m*th damage! It’s also very nice that DH didn’t pursue that conversational line.

    With re chickens, I found this in the OED:
    1810 SOUTHEY Kehama Motto, Curses are like young chicken: they always come home to roost.

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