Quick! Go do a Survey!

About you and knitting!

Our friend the Knitting Linguist is thinking about knitting and personal identity, and fun stuff like that.  Do her a favor, and go do it here.  I had a good time thinking about knitting and why I do it and how I started.   Give her lots of words to analyze. 

Peter Pan was awesome!  The best yet!  We loved it!  In fact, we’re going again tonight.   What’s better than dinner and musical theatre with my boy?  He’s a great date.  For some reason, my husband wasn’t interested in going.  But that’s all right, because he’s a great couch date, especially when we’re watching a really silly novela (silly on purpose, even). 

And tomorrow we’re going to the playa fria.  The day’s adventures should include a stealth meeting with another knitter.  We’re meeting on the south end of the beach – the end near the big bird rock, not the end near the clinically insane surfers.  Show and tell in the cold wind!  And maybe even knitting together, if our fingers are warm enough.  I can’t wait!

Sometime I should pick up the house.  The dust elephants alone qualify this as an undeclared emergency.  They’re stealing legos.  We can’t have that!

And just to slowly come up-to-date, a photo of mitts to give to a co-worker.  Cascade Venezia (wool and silk), bigger than worsted.  Orange!

easy mitts venezia orange\

(lots! of! exclamation! points!)



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2 responses to “Quick! Go do a Survey!

  1. kmom

    We should all pick up our houses but usually they are just too heavy. (smile).

  2. And the playa fria is worth lots of exclamation points!! Especially since I had such a fabulous time 🙂 Thanks for mentioning the survey, too! 🙂

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