Sometimes I make my own yarn

Not often, but I’m trying to work with my spindle more consistently.  A couple weeks ago, I spun and plied and washed this pretty little skein.  The back of the dining room chair makes a great skein winder, except for a little problem of the top being the widest point.

2009 32yd jul 10

And I’ve got some more going. I’m working for consistency, not tiny-ness, and getting the hang of drafting.  And figuring it out ergonomically, so I’m not hurting myself anymore.  (damned week at the computer)

2009 single mostly fold  close july

Just need to keep on going! It’s fun being a rank beginner. I have no expectations for a particular level of ‘good.’ 

Wool roving, from Mom, a bit of our personal history – that there roving is more than 20 years old.   gulp!



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3 responses to “Sometimes I make my own yarn

  1. Kathryn

    It’s looking really good!

  2. That’s looking great! And how fun to be spinning history 🙂

  3. kmom

    Yep, still looks luscious. You could just stay with this post for awhile so I can savor the wool pics. And I still don’t know who it is. I DO know it’s from a batch numbered XX and as soon as I can find my records, I’ll know what that means. Am pretty certain it’s a mix–must be with dark and light falling as they do. Looked for the records today but got sidetracked in an ever so good way–sorted a few more things in B’s room, threw a good bit of it away. Hurray!

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