If I wait to add the photos…

I’ll never post a thing.  Which is pretty much what I’ve been doing.  Never not posting nothing at all.

I should tell a story, a sappy story, a tearjerker.  (But I don’t have one of those.)

Light’s changing.  I can’t count on light creeping in the window to remind me my alarm already went off.  I hope we’re not so hot.  Yesterday:  Hot.  Today:  Cold Winds Blowing.  Husband curled up on the couch in his cave, huddled under a blanket, with a big grin. Saturday we collected different tree seed pods.  Chestnut. Prickly Gum. Magnolia.  The back of the car is always full of interesting botanica.  Months ago, he threw in an armful of magenta bougainvillea blossoms picked up off the sidewalk.  (They’re still there, softly crunching under the backpack.)

We had the last apple off my little tree.  I think it had about 5 or 6 total, and my husband likes unripe fruit, so only two made it anywhere near maturity.  This last one he picked and ate (I finagled a bite).  He was in raptures over the flavor.  Maybe he’ll leave them longer next  year.  And maybe he won’t.  We’re feeding the local wildlife raisins.  I never managed to do anything with the grapes again this year, but they’re not going to waste.  Squirrels ate the peaches.  Something ate a possum outside the bedroom window.   Lovely thing to find in the morning.

Knitting news of note:  I put a zipper in the Orange Snakes (at the gates of hell)!  Left the buttons up the side, because he likes them like that.  And I cast on for a vest he can wear in school.  Am I nuts?  Do I not realize the poor chances he’ll wear it more than twice?  I already threatened I’d have to give the vest away if he doesn’t wear it.  Needs to be knit first.  And I finished the baby blanket!  It’s lovely, and I’d like it larger, but the baby was born the day I decided to bind off so I could finish it before the baby was born.  Too late.  But ends are in, it’s been washed, and the kid wants his own, just like it.  So do I.  I have yearnings to knit me a sweater.  But I should knit up a little alpaca something for Ham (the kiddo’s first best friend) cause he loves to hold alpaca garter stitch.  And his birthday’s this month.  But there’s the vest (sock yarn of course!  Cause it will be so Fast!).  And wool cashmere (nylon too) Cleo socks for the kiddo.  Sounds like I’m in desperate need of something on the needles for me!  That’s because I don’t tell the full story at once.  (Dogi vest, Noro triangle, blue socks)

Clothes to hang up in the cave. (yarn to ply, vest to knit, dishes to leave dirty)  Better a little post than no post at all.



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2 responses to “If I wait to add the photos…

  1. Much better! I love your word pictures; I can hear those bougainvillea leaves crinkling (and smell the dry leaf smell). I love your description of your knitting plans; they sound very familiar 🙂

  2. Kathryn

    Yay! You’re back. Pictures are nice, but Jocelyn’s right–you write very good word pictures.

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