Morning sky on Tuesday – texture!  Usually high fog, sometimes clear.  But we could see the bumps and breaks in the clouds, and a bit of gold light coming through here and there.  The house is placed so we don’t get good sky views from inside.  Sometimes I go out to the back yard in the evenings (oops!  almost forgot to bring in the clothes again) and am surprised/amazed at the sunset.  

Morning sky today – clear and still.  Yesterday’s winds blew off the clouds?  No fog blanket, so chilly.  Probably warm now, but I’m glued to the computer (and not working as hard as I need to).

Driving down Foothill Blvd on a good sky day, I’m separated from that feeling of Great Expanse of Sky by the power lines back and forth over the road.  And driving through a shallow canyon of buildings.  Horizon’s not very far out.

I like the Richmond Bridge.  Feels like I’m driving into the sky.  And coming home, from Marin, feels like I’m in the sky at the very start of the bridge, just over the water.  And the sky and the water reflecting each other all around.  Different with a great orange moon, or a silver nickel of a moon.  Watching the moon path (instead of the cars ahead?  I’m driving!) across the water.

I meant to ramble about contrasts, but got started on the sky.  Most spectacular when full of contrast!  Which is how I got from one to the other. 

Funny work note.  Did an initial visit with a new patient yesterday.  I’ve never met anyone happier to have TB!  Dancing in her bed, screaming happy.  Wonder what they thought at the nurses’ station?  (She already knew TB was in the picture, already knew she was taking medications for TB, but still thought the ‘spot on her lungs’ might be cancer.)  I don’t think her thrill will last, but nice for a change!  (speaking of contrasts)  No, she’s not particularly sick.



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2 responses to “Sky

  1. Kathryn

    Back yard, Foothill, Richmond Bridge—I want to hear more of your favorite sky-view spots.

  2. I can see how TB would be a relief when compare to cancer, but I can also see how that would not be your patients’ usual reaction! I, too, love the Richmond Bridge, in fact, it has long been my very very favorite ever 🙂

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