What Guilt?

That was a lovely weekend!  (I notice I use ‘lovely’ an awful lot.  Noted, and I doubt I’ll change it any time soon.  Lazy brain!)  Skein Lane Knitting Retreat.

Knitting, knitters, Tomales Bay, not even cold!  (I think I wore a sweater once, and took it off.  Shawl, yes.  Happy Grey Alpaca Shawl!)  Nancy Bush, Sally Melville, no dishes to wash.  Good times!    Windrush Farm, Black Mountain Artisans, and the wallet is a little lighter.

Nancy Bush and Sally Melville make an interesting combination of teachers, each coming from different places in knitting (translating knitting traditions for contemporary knitters, contemporary knitting for contemporary knitters).  Sunday morning, we had a few hours with both together answering questions.  Fascinating!  They’re both good teachers.  I happen to prefer Nancy Bush, but that’s because I’m fascinated by the traditional stuff (Estonian Lace!  I want more!).  I learned from both of them.  Now I just have to keep it all contained in my woefully small memory until I need it.  Ha!

Friday was chaotic, getting out.  And that’s all I have to say about that, other than that I made it in time to check in.  Phew!

I called home Friday evening.  (I had better cell coverage this year.  I wonder why?)  Talked to a very sad kid.  “I miss you, Mom.  I’m sad without you here.  Dad is driving me crazy.”  All in the sad voice.  When I called home Saturday, my husband told me he cried himself to sleep.  He wasn’t sure I should talk to the kid, but the kid wasn’t home yet from his birthday adventure.  Surprise for a friend’s birthday.  Ferry to SF, food at the Rainforest Cafe (I’m thankful I wasn’t there!), ferry back again.  I talked to him later.  He missed me still, but didn’t sound quite so pathetic.

Now he’s showing me how much he loves me!  Hugs and  Whine.  A lot of good whine.  Monday all the way home until after dinner.  Tuesday all the way home and getting ready for bed.  I feel so loved. 

Monday was exacerbated by an Incident at school.  When a teacher pulls me aside and says, “he really surprised me today,” I know we’re in trouble.  My sweet darling 2nd grader, in the middle of after school, said, “I’m going to break your fucking back!”  The teacher made sure to tell me he used the F word in context, so he knows how to use it.  That doesn’t bother me.  Other than that he was stupid enough to use the F word in school.  Not a school word!  What bothers me is the actual whole sentence.  Mean talk!  Bully talk!  The report is that he said it, the whole class went quiet, and he started crying, probably hiding in the corner.  On the way home, “Don’t tell Dad!”  “I don’t want to talk about it!”  Once he calmed down after dinner (amazing what food does for a person!), he told me he didn’t say fuck, but bruck.  So I talked at him a bit about how changing a couple letters doesn’t make it any better because people still hear it anyway.  And I talked at him about how what he said was talking like a bully.  And I talked at him again this morning about it, just for a minute.  I wonder if he heard anything I said?  Of course I told Dad.  But not in front of the kiddo, cause then we’d have to be serious, and I’ve already talked at him enough.  I told Dad I couldn’t scold him for osicon (basically potty mouth), and he laughed.  Cause he knows very well I’m worse.  And so is he.  We know where the kiddo picked up ‘the word.’  The threat, on the other hand, is not mine.  But he’s smart.  He knows how to put things together and build a better whole. 

And now I feel like finishing a few things.  Too bad I’m at work…



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3 responses to “What Guilt?

  1. It sounds like a lovely and well-deserved weekend! And it sounds like you handled the kiddo incident beautifully. It’s always hard to know exactly the right thing to do for a thing like that, and it’s even harder to know how much of what you say is actually making it all the way into the depths of the brain!

  2. Margaret

    Dealing with bad language, behavior is not so easy and you did it perfectly. Yay!

  3. It was a lovely weekend, wasn’t it? Now I’m ready for winter.

    Sounds like you handled Kiddo pretty well.

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