Another one for the farm

My husband’s been muttering about coming home with a rooster lately. I told him if he did, I’d immediately bring home a dog. The other weekend, he went up to Richmond to supplement our flock and came home with three more chickens and Docker. Did he just do an end run around me?!

Hello Docker!

A week or so later, the kiddo asked me, “Is Docker a boy or a girl?” In case you couldn’t tell from the above, you should be able to see here. And look at those muscles! Oh, my gatos! We own a muscle dog!
Docker is a boy

Getting a good rub from Mama (that would be me), but still not quite sure what the heck is going on.
worried Docker, but happy

All photos from the first day. He’s used to it all now. In fact, just the other day he chewed the hose in half.  And my husband can’t say much, because guess whose dog he is?  Oh, how he loves that man!  It’s a pleasure to see my husband’s alpha tendencies gratified and put to good use.

(About 18 months, pit mix, definitely not neutered but that may still happen, shots up-to-date, very patient for baths)

Muscle Dog!

We fit right in the neighborhood.

(photos by the kiddo)



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6 responses to “Another one for the farm

  1. Docker is so cute! Congratulations on the additions to the family. Unless the chickens don’t count? Cute of hubby.

    • laflaka

      Very silly of hubby, since now he’s the one who has to clean up after the doggie dog! I suppose the chickens don’t count – just more of the same.

  2. Too funny! But he’s gorgeous — I love that chocolate brown 🙂

  3. Margaret

    What a sweet face!!!!!

  4. Lala

    What a handsome dog!

    Just in case the chewing continues… Clara had a chewing problem when we got her. We solved it by soaking her dog food in water, stuffing it in kongs and freezing them. That was the only way she got her food, so she had to work for it, and it dramatically cut down on the chewing.

  5. Connie

    What a handsome boy he is! We have a “dainty” girl, a shar-pei/shephard mix. I can see yours and mine on a great play-date.

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