Making things

(just a note. Nov 2, 2009 I started a post titled “I like Halloween.” This was as far as I got: It’s like a treasure hunt. “Is that porch light on? Yes! Is it for real? Are they using the)

I knit something for Christmas. I started out with the Negative Space mitts from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves. But they’re too pointy. So I rounded off the ends and gave them to Dad for telescope work. He liked them, but wanted something with more finger coverage. So, after a few times ripping and reknitting the fingers to spec, I came up with these Telescope Mittens. Mittens with holes! Perfect.
telescope mittens
(Classic Elite Yarns, Kumara, on size 4 needles of course. Luscious yarn to knit, luscious fabric)

After Christmas, I made mitts for the kid’s teacher. He had the best kindergarten teacher in the world. Now’s he had the best 1st and 2nd grade teacher in the world. So she gets good knitting too. In fact, Ms M who helps out (maybe an intern?), told me she’s been admiring knitting for a while, but these mitts make her want to learn now! She’s looking for intro to knit classes. Preen! Smug!
gift sweet fern

sweet fern teacher mitts
Again, Classic Elite Yarns, Kumara (merino and camel oh my yum!) on size 4 needles. I love the fabric I get! You should try this yarn. Really! Pattern inspired by the Sweet Fern Mitts from The Knitters Book of Wool. Well, I lifted the cable pattern and stuck it in a mitt I made up as I went.  And I inadvertently modified the cable, leaving out one of the plain rows between cable crossings, so it’s a bit more compressed than it’s meant to be.  Figured that out when I started the second of the pair.

Now I need to make myself something with this yarn.  I went back for more.  Especially this cream colour.  I’m in love!  Again.  What can I say?  I love a good yarn.

I’ve been cooking, too.

(Kiddo wants to write anything he wants.  Shall I turn it over to him while I knit some more seed stitch?)

(Never mind.  He wants a blank document instead.)


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  1. Gorgeous! That’s a lovely pile of mitts, there — now you need some yarn so you can knit a pair for yourself 🙂

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