Beautiful Things

Oh my.  This lady has some beautiful knits here.   Maybe I can take the brain power to think a little more about the inspiration/themes of the next few things I knit.  Not that I’ll get these results!

I am enamored of  tree silhouettes against the sky.  The other day, a couple large crow/ravens were sitting in the very top of a tree we drive past on the way to school.  Delicate winter branches against the grey sky, heavy black birds.  Or catching a tree against a sunset!  On 38th Ave,  a block below MacArthur, there’s a tree with clumps of big red leaves left on it.  Our grey wet skies have been lovely backdrops, and they don’t hurt the eyes! 

I made a really tasty beef stew last night.  Dad gave Mom a great cookbook for Christmas.  I had to get one of my own.  Beyond the Great Wall.  I’ve got a couple of their cookbooks, and they’re great reading.  So!  Stew!  Traditional Lhasa Beef stew.  Potatoes, carrots, beef.  Ginger, garlic, garam masala, butter (yes!).  Modifications (because I cook the way I knit):  I didn’t have celery seeds so didn’t use them at all and replaced the scallions with leeks.  So good, so warming, such comfortable and rich flavour (butter!).  Perfect with this incipient sore throat/cold/another damned virus I’ve got today.  I like these flavours better than the red-wine based beef stews.  Husband seemed happy with it.  He says it would be great with tomato/chile en escabeche/oregano salsa, and it would’ve been nice if I could learn from my past experiences and add the veggies after the meat is nearly tender.  What can I say?  Everything is Mexican food, even if it’s Tibetan.  (and I followed the recipe for cooking times, should’ve modified to start with!)  For Mom – the Napa cabbage and red onion salad is great!  And the salad with warm beef sauce is definitely good enough for a repeat.  I still want to make the twisty doughnuts soon, but probably not this weekend what with the damned virus wearing me down.   I love the description of shaping the dough for the twisty doughnuts.  They wrote how hard it was to figure out at first.  As soon as I started reading the instructions, I knew.  It’s a 4-ply (cabled) doughnut.  I must make these soon!  To eat in between spinning!



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2 responses to “Beautiful Things

  1. You’re right — talk about beautiful knitting and spinning! And that cookbook sounds absolutely delish. I may have to see if I can find a copy for myself. Feel better soon!

  2. Kathryn

    Finally catching up with your blog. Napa and red cabbage is on my list, for sure. Still want to try out the momas, for the name if nothing else. And I keep going to the beef stew, frown at the potatoes, and leave it. But one of these days I’ll give it a try–sounds like good comfort food.

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