Kiddo and I went ice skating today.  First time for me in, oh, twenty years or more.  First time ever for kiddo.  We spent nearly two solid hours on the ice, with big old grins and belly laughs (falling down is very funny).  I should be Sore tomorrow.  I seem to have calves now, don’t usually notice them much.  Kiddo likes this much better than soccer.  (I think lessons are coming up)  He did beautifully.  Well, not beautifully per se, but very very well for the First Time Ever!

People watching adds to the fun, I’m sure you can imagine.  Teens and almost teens are especially entertaining.  Hee!  Even the show offs.

Someday, I’d like to skate around to the left.  Or even be able to switch back and forth a few times.  I feel unbalanced, more than usual.  Can they not set us up into figure 8s?  (imagine all the people, falling down in droves)  Did I mention we had a blast?

I think we’re going to drag  Papa with us soon.  (We didn’t laugh enough this time)  When we first moved out here, he rode the bus home from work and noticed in-line rollerbladers (or whatever they’re called these days).  Thought it looked like fun and not too hard, so we bought ourselves some used rollerblades and went out to a bike path one morning.   Poor man couldn’t stand up to save his life.  I couldn’t brace him, not being stable enough.  Of course, I couldn’t stand up either, for laughing so hard.  For the record, he was laughing pretty hard too.  The abs got more of a workout than anything else.  Oddly enough, we never really got into rollerblading.

I finished a good book this morning.  Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.  It’s the second of hers I’ve read.  Liked the first one enough to buy this one.  YA, fantasy or urban fantasy I suppose.  Thoughtful.  I cried.  Hmm, I think I cried reading the other one too.  Oh dear.  Well, tears are good for cleaning out the eyes.

If you like action movies, look for the book In the Night of the Heat, which I probably picked up at the library because of the title.  Nice solid story, clean writing.  Definitely a movie, but I’m glad I didn’t have to see it.  Football, acting, murder.  Back history involves desegration of college football and some associated horror.  I read this months ago, and it still sticks around.  Probably cause it’s so damn visual and I’ve got a visual memory.

I love reading, but I’m clearly not much of one for writing insightful reviews.  Most of the time.


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  1. Both of those sound good! More books to add to the list… And the ice skating sounds like a blast — kiddo definitely needs some lessons 🙂 I had rollerblades when we lived in Oakland and used to rollerblade around the neighborhood, to the great amusement of the folks who lived around there, many of whom had actual talent on wheels; I barely managed uprightness.

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