The Nature of Good and Evil

Eh.  Maybe I won’t write about that just now.


Feels like Spring is Springing today!  Rain again yesterday, which is lovely to listen to, while folding clothes in front of the fire of an evening.  (Not so lovely driving all over Oakland with large boxes to deliver.  Why do I always find myself driving more for work when it’s raining?  Why?)

The sky is clear (-er) this morning.  Woke up with crows outside.  By the time we left the house, the little birds were chirping all over the place.  Spring, I tell you!  (and it’s all of Feb 5)  More light too.  No wonder I’m annoyingly cheerful this morning.  Be thankful you don’t have to listen to me talk!


An odd thing I noticed the other day:  As you may have guessed, I drive a fair bit.  Both the school/work commuting, and for work.  Driving down 73rd Ave/Hegenberger, I started looking at the streetlights.  They’ve got a lot of different styles, and sometimes they’re mixed up together, and sometimes they’re in sections.  So odd.  All in less than a mile.  Huh.


I picked up a book the other day.  (Surprised?)  Stylized: A Slightly Obsessive History of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style by Mark Garvey.  He quotes Adam Gopnik, describing Strunk & White as “a very good guide to writing the kind of prose that it’s a very good guide to writing.”  Hee!  Now I need to find my copy of Strunk & White.  Wonder where it’s hiding?  I need to read it for fun, before I get distracted by others’ opinions.  Which will be fun to read.


I had a Feeling about some thread I’m spinning.  I’ve got Plans, involving this Abby Batt merino/silk thread and three different colours of roving from A Verb for Keeping Warm.  When I picked up the thread the other day to spin some more, I noticed I was spinning it the other way from the other wool I’m spinning up.  Hmm.  Went to check the single I’ve finished of Verb.  Yup, I’ve got a problem.  Can’t ply this thread together with the Verb.  I’ve got them twisting in opposite directions (S and Z, if you care).  Luckily, it’s not much thread yet.  I’ll wind it off, maybe ply it on itself for fun and have a teeny tiny skein to play with, and start over.  

Oh, the could haves and would have wanteds and such!  I’ll be happy I noticed now.  Would have been a bigger puzzle later.  (you try thinking of a better word than ‘problem,’ other than ‘issue,’ and share it with me, please) (cause it isn’t actually a ‘problem’ as such)  (by the way, the kiddo wants a little square Spindlewood spindle of his very own.  Oh dear)


Carry on.



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2 responses to “The Nature of Good and Evil

  1. Puzzle is perfect.

    Excellent! Get ’em young.

    Is there “good” and “evil”? Or only black, white and gray?

  2. Kathryn

    There’s another word, old-fashioned, quirky, and I can’t think of it. May be imaginary. Will let you know…

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