(Wouldn’t you know it? I’m on theme for the weekend!)

I pulled out my old Strunk and White Elements of Style.  I haven’t looked at it in ages.  Had the APA format most recently for nursing papers, and I don’t remember what for Spanish lit (in Spanish, naturally) or all those other papers I stayed up nights writing.  I wrote my name across the top – handwriting (and name) indicates high school or earlier.  Open it up, and find some love from my Bopa.


Read this book!

Use this book when you write!

It is a lifetime companion!


Xmas 1988

I love finding notes in my books.  I really should remember to do the same when I’m giving them as presents.  I miss my grandparents, all of them, even the grandfather I don’t remember.  I miss knowing them now I’m an adult and to know them as adults (less so with Mema, but I wish…).   This grandfather, Bopa, we share words.  We used to write limericks to each other.  I’ve got one around here somewhere written by him, involving Frisco and Crisco (on his head).

Oops.  Kiddo is clamoring for our bit of Olympics-watching.  Time to suffer through prime-time NBC and watch what they think is good for us, in between commercials.  (I’m livid about the broadcasting of the Games.  Livid!  Possibly even rabid.  Definitely grouchy.)

Happy New Year!



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4 responses to “Love

  1. What a wonderful note to find in a book! You’re right; I should remember to write notes, too, given how nice it is to have them there…

    Also, I find that the Games coverage makes me exceedingly cranky as well. Grr…

  2. That’d be wonderful, to run across notes like that! and yes, you should include them.

    The games are on TV? Who knew? I’m in bed asleep by then. Why the heck are they on so freaking late?

  3. Kathryn

    If you find that Frisco/Crisco limerick, tell me! I don’t remember it, although the humor I do.

  4. Margaret

    I’ll admit, I love watching the Olympics and am happy that they are covered during the day since we’re in the same time zone (finally). I also track it online as well so I can know when to turn on the TV instead of having to drag through the biathlon crap.

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