Oh, these mittens.  I’m ready to shape the top.  My row gauge is significantly off.  These are very long.  One would think one would have checked a year or so ago, but one would be mistaken.  Stitch gauge dealt with, but.  I’m seriously contemplating ripping it completely out and not restarting.  Maybe I should grab my husband’s hand and check first.

Doesn’t help that the kiddo’s school vest grew significantly in length.  I’m not surprised, and it’s an easy fix.  Either fold up a deep hem (handy later when he’s taller) or snip and unravel and re-edge higher up.  But still a bump.  And not do-able rinkside at the kiddo’s ice skating class today.

Maybe I should start something new….  Out of Koigu….  That doesn’t need to be a certain shape…

Go look here for a local and backstage look at the Olympics in Whistler.  The blog’s always a good read.  Right now, it’s a fabulous antidote to pre-recorded, heavily edited coverage we’re stuck watching.  Look for the scorpion on a sled.



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2 responses to “Crashing

  1. Anything in Koigu is good. I’ve loved the hat and scarf I knitted out of it lately. Easy patterns, too, and not such big worries about gauge (there are times when I tire of that harridan Gauge, and her ubiquitous influence on my knitting).

  2. Kathryn

    Oh rats! The mittens, too? That’s too bad. Are they the coffee bean mittens for B? Not sure what to do about the vest. If you turn it up, what happens to the shape? Then again, as you say, nice for a growing boy. A nice little Ann Hansen scarf–that might fit the bill for right now (to get past the gauge predicament). Love the Olympics pics and comments. How was ice skating?

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