It’s hard work being surprised

I just had a birthday.  (Happy Birthday to Me!) And there’s a kid story in it.

Saturday, we went by Article Pract after ice skating.  Kiddo agreed, provided we had park time too.  I needed to look at those bags of Koigu again.  Which I did, and bought a little bit of something else.  Kiddo’s looking at buttons, and I say, “Oh!  You could choose a button for me for my birthday.”  Wrong thing to say.  Immediately sad kid, because that was his plan and it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.  How he thought he would have me buy it without knowing what was going on, I have no idea!  He refused to deal with buttons anymore.

Monday, actual birthday, I made shoofly pie.  I was in the kitchen doing this and that, probably fighting with too wet pizza dough.  Kiddo climbed up to the back cupboards (where the birthday candles stay) and was very busy in the dining room.  He caught me looking at him, and once again, upset kid because he was trying to surprise me.  I looked before he told me to.  He ran crying up to his room and hid under the bed.  Too bad I didn’t know it was supposed to be a surprise.

I found my husband.  “You have to help Kiddo.  He’s upset right now because he’s trying to surprise me and nothing’s working.  Here is some card paper.  Go get him and ask him to help you make me a surprise birthday card.”  I went back to the kitchen.  He went upstairs for the kiddo.  He went downstairs.  A few minutes later, as I resolutely kept myself Very Busy, I heard the Sneaky Run (sounds like a small rhinoceros on tiptoe, very fast) as kiddo followed him down.  Not too long after, kiddo comes back up, goes into the dining room, and tells me to look at my place.   Surprise!  A birthday card from my secret admirers!

You better believe I was surprised.

Then I had to ask everybody in the house, including the dog, if they were one of my secret admirers.

Next year, I’m telling the husband what to do a week ahead (but they better wait, because kiddo cannot wait to surprise me!)  What do I tell my husband to do with my son for a surprise for me that they will both be willing to do?  Definitely not the yarn store.  Maybe the book store.  More likely flowers.  Even more likely, handmade cards (the best!) and a bag of yarn grabbed at random from my yarn closet.  I’ve got time to think about it.


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  1. Ah yes, the complicity of mothers in their own surprises — this sounds familiar!!

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