A Very Small Joke

¿Qué comen los toreros?


(gracias al querido esposo)   (Yup, took me a minute to realize it was a joke.)

And just for fun, while I still remember, an abbreviated list of songs the kiddo has really liked so far in his long 7 years of life.

Cumbia pa’ la luna Cumbia pa’ el sol, Cumbia pa’ la reina de mi corazon…

Cama Cama Camaleon, Yo soy el camaleon…  (another cumbia)

American Boy (Estelle, especially the mix with somebody or other I can’t remember just now)

Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2   (last night, he played it while his legos warred.  Yes, on purpose.)


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One response to “A Very Small Joke

  1. OK, I wish I got it. French jokes, yes. Spanish jokes, alas, no. Someday (this is the summer of Rosetta Stone, I swear it).

    Kiddo’s got great, and a propos, taste in music!

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