Waking Up

Ugh.  Woke up out of a dream.  Started as one of those vaguely frustrating, looking for something dreams.  Then had a horrible twist at the end.  And I won’t even describe it here, because someone might decide it was a true telling, not a stupid dream.  I don’t want the responsibility.

On another note!  I spent an interesting time at Article Pract yesterday (yarn store, oh beloved yarn store).  Looking for something.  Vaguely frustrating.  Then with a good twist at the end. (maybe not another note?  certainly a nicer one!)

My boss retires at the end of June.  I’ve known this for a long time.  A couple weekends ago, I swatched a red lace scarf from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia for a friend of mine who graduates with her MBA in health care admin this summer.  And realized I need to knit something lovely for my boss.

What to knit?  Something light and lacy?  Something warm and cozy?  And most importantly – what colour?  She plans to move to Fresno from Fremont.  Hotter summers, colder winters.  She goes camping (RV) regularly.  (You’re getting the replay).  So I consulted myself, my mother (who I think has met her, but doesn’t know her well), my friend who’s graduating.  She’s been busy (pertussis!  more pertussis!  oh look!  more pertussis!), but I caught her in the office one day.  I was prepared with a nice box of yarn (from my closet, naturally) of colour possibilities.  And her scarf swatch so she knows what she’s getting, someday.  And the choice?  The red I’m using for her own scarf (Habu Geelong Lamb – a nice wooly laceweight).

My mission at Article Pract yesterday – find a lovely yarn in that red.

I was helped enormously by the staff (I don’t know her name!  Horror!).  In the end, she found an exact colour match (while taking care of other customers – I’m not that needy!).  Amazing.  Truly amazing.

I didn’t buy the yarn.  It’s a brushed suri alpaca yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas and truly lovely, gorgeous, perfect red.   But very fluffy and fuzzy and hot.  My hand got hot holding it.  Perfect colour!  Wrong yarn.  Cause I want to show off a little with this gift.  And fuzzy is dangerous, without a specific request for fuzz and fluff.

I abandoned That Red, and bought a skein of Madeline Tosh Silk Lace oxblood (and how the heck does one describe colours in words?) – deep jewel tone, not bright. Winey purple?  I’ll probably attempt a photo one of these days.

So, hey!  Not such a bad customer!  I needed a lot of help, didn’t buy what she found for me, but I bought a significant something else!

Now what to knit?  Preliminary ideas – hold double.  No.  I refuse to work from two ends of a center pull ball in silk lace yarn.  I need what little sanity I have.  One of the wide-edged scarves from Victorian Lace Today?  ‘Swatched.’  No, annoyed me in the silk.  Next try – Hamsa from Anne Hanson.  Pattern bought, printed out.  Breakfast first, then knitting.  No, then prep meat for grilling.  Knitting!  No, then ice skating.  Oh!  And a shower first!  And grocery list.

I will start this thing today.  I wonder if it’s the right thing?  I’m pretty sure it is.


What do bullfighters eat?  Pozole!

And another song for kiddo’s list – Beyonce, All the Single Ladies (damn!  that’s a catchy tune)  Nothing quite like hearing the 7 year old boy singing along in the back of the car “put a ring on it!”


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One response to “Waking Up

  1. You know, I described a similar internal mental dither/monologue to my older daughter last week, and when I asked her opinion, she looked thoughtful and said, “The inside of your brain must be an interesting place to be.” Heh.

    Sounds to me like you’ve found the right plan!

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