Unexpected Bird Sanctuary

I picked up the kiddo early from After School yesterday (a little sick) and ran into his teacher.  (report:  his ear hurt in the afternoon, but he preferred music class to resting in the office…)  The school has a new building this year, nicely remodeled inside to be a comfy place.  It’s a big ole building, with a couple open-to-the-sky atrium/courtyards in the middle.  The one in the elementary school side has wildlife.  Ms E showed me the nest – with baby birds! – right by the window, just about 2-3 feet off the ground.  Perfect for nest watching!  And a little over on this side, maybe 6 feet up, is a hummingbird nest, complete with broody bird.  So cool!  All easy to see.  I hope there are no baby bird tragedies in the future, though the 2nd graders didn’t care too much when the fish died.  Wish my office had something like that…

(I’m chained to the computer, closing out some too-old stuff)

Also:  1.5 repeats done of 32 row repeat, Hamsa retirement scarf.  2 repeats per week should see it done in time!


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  1. Oh, that’s very cool! I’m all for kids having other kinds of living things around them — Younger Daughter’s classroom currently has a bunny, several birds, three ducklings, a horned lizard, a turtle, and I think I’m missing something…

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