Another Reading for Good Work!

I hope I can go, but it being a weeknight… (wee knight?)

If you didn’t know, Yarn-A-Go-Go wrote a book!  It’s published and everything!  (I know a real writer!  And not just of textbooks).  How To Knit A Love Song, by Rachael Herron.  She’ll be at the Barnes and Noble in Emeryville Thursday night for a book fundraiser – go read what she says about it.

Did I read the book?  Of course I read the book!  What do you take me for?  Someone who doesn’t read?

Lessee…  Contemporary romance, with knitting.  I’m a great fan of fantasy, of all kinds.  And I don’t mean specifically the fantasy genre, but fantasy in a broad sense.  This is fantasy for knitters!  I think there might have been some sex, too.  And humming alpacas.  And a car chase.  Go read it.  It’s a fun book!  And it’s the first of three, I think.   I’ve been passing it around, to general enjoyment.

If I can’t make it Thursday night, maybe I can go to Borders in Alameda (next!) Saturday evening (June 12).  But that won’t be a good fundraiser.  Hmm

(I’m about exactly 1/3 through the lace scarf.  3 repeats and 9 rows.  Goes fast, when I work on it.  Someday, I will stop being surprised at how much I can do when I do what needs doing.)



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2 responses to “Another Reading for Good Work!

  1. Thanks for blogging this! Yay! I hope to see you at one of the events! (And the Saturday thing is a week from Saturday — I wouldn’t want you to show up a week early….)

  2. That one’s on my list — I may have to download it for this trip; it sounds exactly right (especially the bit about the humming alpacas).

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