Check that date!

Oh, for heaven’s sake!

Rachael Herron’s reading at Barnes and Noble in Emeryville was tonight, and I couldn’t make it.  Luckily, she’ll be at the Borders in Alameda soon!

Too bad I can’t figure out the right date for love or money.  It’s Saturday, June 5.  But go here to make sure.   I wouldn’t believe me if I were you.  In fact, I don’t believe me.  I’ve already had it wrong twice!

(I didn’t get to tonight’s reading, but I’m about to order something or other online to support the good cause.  Just don’t ask me to remember that name right either!)

Oh, and one of the needles I’m using for the lace scarf broke.  US#2 bamboo longish straights.  Honestly, I’m happy they lasted this long.  I need to figure out safer transport.  Nuts.

But it’s not been a bad day!  Perfectly nice, other than broken needles, and the one day this week I’m without my raincoat, it dumps rain.  Again.  And it’s nearly June!  In Oakland!  But I’m in a reasonably upbeat mood.  Phew!


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