The Glory of an Extra Day Off

The kiddo was okay to go back to school today after an all night emesis session Saturday night!  Woo Hoo!  And I’m almost recovered.  Why does it take me longer?  I haven’t even been sick.  Yet.  (Yes, I know.  Somebody slept more than I did.  In fact, everything in and around the house slept more than I did, except maybe the bird that sings all the night through.)

Good thing Saturday was our all-day-out day.  Ice skating, Barney’s hamburgers, Piedmont Yarn (sale!) (replacement needles for the lace scarf!), A Verb for Keeping Warm (visit with little Cleo dachsund!) (Cricket loom ordered!).  We ran out of energy before groceries, which was unfortunate.  I had to do it Sunday instead…

Almost 5 (of 9.5) repeats done on the lace scarf!  I was so close to finishing off that fifth repeat last night, but the clock is inexorable.  And a child needed to get to bed.  3 weeks to finish.  Will I make it in time?  Oh, the thrill!


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One response to “The Glory of an Extra Day Off

  1. Ooh, emesis session. That sounds bad. I’m glad that he’s feeling better — I just hope that you are, too!

    I love A Verb For Keeping Warm. Love love love. Might need some more Wensleydale, come to think of it. And did I see the word “loom”? You go, girl!

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