Here a pop, there a pop, everywhere a pop BOOM

It’s the Fourth of July, and my neighbors are celebrating in style!  Kiddo is running from window to window, chasing fireworks.  Why would we go to the professional ones, when we have all the fun right here at home?  The parking’s better, too.

I celebrated by sorting and tossing/recycling and actually putting away lots and lots of stuff.  All day.  I think I’ve stopped.  I’m not done.  I could do this all day and night for days and not be done.  But the recycling bin is full, and the trash isn’t far behind.  Kiddo and Papa hung out with the Richmond cousins and their other cousins and left me to my own, unusually house productive, devices.

Kiddo and I are finishing up our week of summer vacation together.  I was very happy to miss the family time today.  We’ve had a mostly awesome time, but a break is good.  Tuesday we’re back to the grind.  Summer camp for him, so not quite a grind!  But lunches, and up and out of the house, and coming home late.  We can tell it’s summer, because he has no homework.  Lucky boy.

Oh dear.  Frustrated kid.  He keeps missing the fireworks.  Must offer sympathy.


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  1. I shipped Rick and the girls off to the fireworks last night, and stayed home with the dog. Much more peaceful 🙂 Good luck with grind re-entry!

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