Hat and Scarf

It’s been a couple weeks now, but there was a neat little Oakland Fiber Festival (the day Mom left of course, so she couldn’t go).  The kid was a grouchy kid, except when he made a couple felt balls and watched a sock machine at work.  I wonder where the felt balls are?  We’re making them into tree ornaments.  I might’ve bought some alpaca handspun.  I definitely bought a wool felt hat!  It’s waiting patiently for winter.

felt hat

I’ve been working slowly and sort of steadily on the lace scarf.  You don’t believe it really exists?  I’m not sure I do either.  Maybe I’ll finish it by the end of the week!  Maybe not.  I started knitting a rabbit for the Kid (he requested Kid instead of Kiddo) Saturday, so I should work on that too.  And today I’m grouchy because I woke myself up en la madrugada with a crick in the neck.  And something’s bothering my foot.  Pout.  Pout.  Pout.  Nevertheless, I managed a photo!  Of a lace scarf in progress!  Hamsa in Madeline Tosh silk lace oxblood.  Washed out, but here.

hamsa wip


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