Look what I finished! Finally!

Off the needles, ends woven in.
Hamsa off needles

Ready to wash and block (colour not good). Look at the lumps and bumps and all that great texture.
Hamsa unblocked

On the dressing wires. Ooooh!
Hamsa blocking

Done! Stunning, gorgeous! Floaty! Drapey! I made it! And I’m giving it away. Plenty of yarn left…
Hamsa done

Yum. Worth every moment.
Hamsa detail done

Hamsa by Anne Hanson. MadelineTosh Pure Silk Lace, colour oxblood. US#2 needles. About 2 1/2 months of not a whole of knitting (the shoulders! the neck!). I’m so happy with it! And pleased with myself. Ah!



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6 responses to “Look what I finished! Finally!

  1. Oh. My. That’s just absolutely stunning.

    Did you say you’re giving it away?! Does not compute…

  2. It’s beautiful! I hope whoever is getting it is very deserving!

  3. Jane

    Beautiful! Impressive as the dickens! Gorgeous!

  4. kmom

    I think I viewed this a good while back; just checking for new posts. That said, the scarf/shawl is simply beautiful. Yarn, pattern = good match. Excellent job. Ann Hanson’s patterns are fun, huh?

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