City Wildlife

Dimond hawk

Grabbed a pigeon and stopped in this tree, right above us. It stayed a long time here, whistling at another hawk a couple trees away. We pulled out the super duper wildlife camera (the iphone – what can I say? It’s always at hand) and managed this photo. Dimond Rec Center, less than 1/2 mile off 580.  Ah, life in the Oakland wilderness.

In other news, my back is still sore.  Nuts.

Still, the trip was worth it.  We only went to Alabama to visit my parents so I could pick this up.
Wheel in maleta

What’s this? Why, it’s Mom’s old Louet S10, and now it’s here with me in Oakland!
Louet s10 new in the room

Such a simple wheel. Simple to take apart, simple to put back together, simple to spin with. There’s only one mysterious small plastic piece I found on the living room rug during the reconstruction process. But it could be from anything, given the boys who live here (not a lego for a change). After 5 days back (and back at work), I spun up a little of my old favorite oatmeal wool.

Spinning 5 days

I am not a one-project person. I started this in the Atlanta airport on the way out. And I’ve got half a batt spun up as of right now. See?

Verdura batt half baked

Abby Batt verdura – 60% merino 37% tussah silk 3% firestar nylon. On the Kid’s bloodwood Jenkins Turkish Delight. Spun mostly long draw from the fold, not trying for tiny. And I’ve got another batt just like this one!

Not knitting much.  Seaming Sprossling very slowly.  I blame the back.  Because of course I would have the sweater finished last week for the cool weather, if it weren’t for my back!  Heh.



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2 responses to “City Wildlife

  1. That’s a good reason to visit family! When you get to take home such nice souvenirs.
    Poor pigeon. I think the skunk I was watching darting around the parking lot didn’t quite make it across the road to the canal. Stupid fast pick up truck drivers on that curve.

  2. Ooh, a spinning wheel!! Love it 🙂 (Welcome to the rabbit hole. As if you weren’t already here.) I love that batt you’re working on – lately I seem very drawn to green fiber.

    I hope your back feels better very soon – I sympathize with anyone in back pain, truly I do!

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