A Life in Stitches

I spent some time talking to Mom today about books.  You know how easy it is to complain about irritations in a book?  I find it much harder to explain why I like a book so much. I usually resort to pushing it on everybody I know.

A Life in Stitches: Knitting My Way Through Love, Loss, and Laughter by Rachael Herron is one of those good books.  All I can think to say sounds like gushing uncritical praise.  I think you should read it, and not just because I like Rachael for real, and I’ve been reading her blog for years.  Memoir essays.  Not memoir about her knitting, but with knitting.  I know a few stories from the blog, but in the book they are in finished form – smooth writing, strong voice, thoughtful and self-aware, substantial.

I think you should read this book.  If you don’t even know what the hell knitting is, you should read it.  All you need is an interest in people.  You might not like it, but it won’t be for the knitting.

I think you should read this book.  It’s really good.


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  1. I like a review like this! Strong, clear, firm conclusion. I’m off to my nook to see if I can get it 🙂

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