Ninja Crow

Ninja Crow

A murky photo, as Halloween pictures should be. I splurged on the amazing crow mask, that you can’t really see here, at the King’s Mountain Art Fair over the summer – handmade leather mask. I figure he’ll use it every year, and if he doesn’t I will.

I’m making dough for Pan de Muerto today, and I might even bake it tomorrow.  This batch is a new recipe for me, from My Sweet Mexico, and I hope it works.  I bought the cookbook this spring, before we went to Mexico to visit with the in-laws.  My attitude about going (they’re wonderful folks, but even so) turned around right into almost excited after paging through the book.  I may not have eaten all the dulces I was dreaming of, but oh, the bolillos they make in Los Reyes, Michoacan!  That is some good bread.  Husband mentioned in passing building a wood oven in the backyard…

I’m hungry now.


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  1. Now I’m hungry, too! I wish I had a wood oven for bread… And I love that mask – I think really high-quality masks are SO nifty, but I never seem to feel justified in buying one. How sad is that?

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